Primacare in the OT Magazine

Look for us on page 71 of Novembers issue of OT Magazine where we talk about some of the exciting things happening at Primacare.  

The Cabaret

The Cabaret is part of the growing range of Specialist Seating being manufactured by Primacare.

The Adelphi

The Adelphi will be showing at the OT Show this year in Birmingham.

Rise and Shine

If you or your loved one are finding it hard to sit down or get up from the sofa, been advised to raise their legs while sitting, or just struggling to stay comfortable in a chair, then you may be considering some specialist seating. Because sitting down should be...

‘Sit up straight!’ ‘Don’t slouch!’

Our parents said it, our teachers said it – you’ve probably said it yourself. But unlike many of those annoying childhood phrases (square eyes, anyone?) these two are in fact, ones you’d do well to listen to.Posture is incredibly important, especially in this digital...