As we age, getting in and out of an armchair or sofa may become more of a struggle. You could benefit from our range of riser recliners. Riser recliners are chairs designed to help you stay comfortable and independent in your home.

Our range of riser recliners includes a single motor, dual motor and up to 7-motor riser recliners, the Penarth. The choice of chair depends on how much you need to be supported.

A single-action recliner chair will let you simultaneously lower the backrest and raise the footrest. With a dual motor riser recliner, you will have a lot more control over the angle of the backrest and the footrest. This movement is excellent for those with medical conditions who need to keep their feet raised but are still looking to sit upright to watch television or read a book.

Whether you choose a single motor or a dual motor chair, you’ll always be able to recline the chair into a comfortable near-horizontal position to catch up on some shut-eye. Both single and dual motor recliners also feature electric riser motors to slowly raise or lower you into the chair, reducing the strain on your arms and wrists.

Our riser recliners are available in a wide range of designs and fabrics and incredibly soft and durable fabric upholsteries. It’s also essential to find the right kind of backrest. A waterfall backrest offers extra pressure relief in the back, especially in the lumbar region.

Just head to one of our partner mobility showrooms to experience their comfort before placing an order. As well as standard lift chairs, we also sell a few riser recliner chairs with heat and massage.
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