Here to Support our Mobility Retailers

At Primacare, we are proud to work with so many Mobility Retailers across the UK. Our partnerships take on a variety of forms, large established businesses to small independent retailers. Our aim in all cases is that we develop strong relationships with partners.

We aim to offer “Support – when you need it the most”. We believe that our comprehensive range of seating assists with the challenges of comfort, pressure management and postural control. With our latest range of chairs now able to support more complex needs, we think that our partners can offer a more comprehensive service to their customers.

Each of our Mobility Retailers has their unique strengths and we recognise that as part of their long-term business success. However, little things over time often pile up where either a lack of expertise or perhaps maybe even interest can present limitations. Where possible we would like to help and need partners to identify themselves where extra support would be of benefit to them.

Working together more closely we hope to share what’s working for partners elsewhere in the country, but that relies heavily upon you sharing your success with us.

Our goal is for a long and mutually beneficial relationship with an open approach when something needs addressing. Want to extend your range or discuss opportunities in your area then contact the sales and customer service team.

In summary, we’d like to expand our lead generation and support partners that have committed to us.

We want 2020 to be successful for our partners and Primacare.

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