One of the best-selling features of the Care chairs is that they are adjustable to the users’ size and have in-built pressure care, which can be changed if needed. With soft stretch fabric for comfort on all contact areas, the material is wipeable for spillages, and parts are replaceable if damaged or worn. This flexibility reduces the need to buy a new chair.

Having Care Chairs on wheels reduces the risk of injury to team members by not having to drag or pull chairs which could cause harm. In addition, it also saves time on manual handling. Once someone is into a care chair, they can be moved from room to room, outside, without hoisting. The chair featured is the Monza Assist which enables the use of an Abble Assist or a Sara Steddy.

Minimising the need for hoisting saves time and dignity for the client, not having to be moved several times a day, and there is less chance of staff being injured and saves time as it takes two people to hoist someone. Care chairs make the end user more “manageable “as they are mobile and can tilt, lift legs, go flat and be operated by the user in some cases if needed.

In short, the chairs could save money as sometimes one care chair can double as a wheelchair come armchair and save the staff time, which is both a cost-saving and an improvement in patient care.
Made in the UK, your business can save time and money by buying PRIMACARE.
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