The Importance Of Pressure Management

Many people discuss ‘Comfort ‘and’ Pressure Relief’, and the subjects are inextricably linked.

If we can increase an individual’s surface area contact between themselves and their chair, then we spread their weight over a larger area, reducing the pressure on their body parts, including legs, bottom, arms and backs. The fabrics are in price categories for simplicity.

It is therefore CRITICAL to use a chair that has been measured and adjusted to the size and shape of the individual. Correct Posture leads to maximising the contact area which in turn minimises pressure on the body parts.

Occupational Therapists and Specialists will advise repositioning every 2 hours and the use of significant tilt angles (up to 45 degrees) which can achieve pressure reductions particularly in the pelvic area. However the highest pressure is found in the seating cushion area under the bottom and Primacare have 7 different seating arrangements to offer depending on the level of risk of pressure sores and ulcers.

Pressure Management Mapping

Primacare different seat cushions options have all been extensively tested using a pressure mat which contains 120 different pressure sensors over the seating area of a chair. Pressure Mapping is unique to the individual user, the type of cushion and the relative position of the chair. However the mapping can give proportional performance and a pressure map when comparing different cushions with the same user.

Please note that users with pressure relief concerns should seek the advice of an Occupational Therapist or Tissue Viability Specialist who can advise on the level of Pressure Relief required.

Female 9 stone Age 52 Coolgel Cushion

Male 15 stone Age 50 Primagel Cushion

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